DID Numbers

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DID Numbers

Makwaretech enables callers to dial directly to an extension on a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) without the assistance of an operator. Hence DID allows additional numbers to be associated with the main number. A single device may be used to configure multiple numbers of multiple countries. We equip customer with a way to reuse a limited number of physical phone lines to calls to different published phone numbers. A company can use one DID to route all of their inbound calls.

Most businesses have several incoming telephone numbers used for specific purposes. For example customer service, toll-free numbers, sales, etc. and some have an individual extension number for each user in the system. In a home setting, on the other hand, each telephone number comes in on a different pair of wires typically which is not practical in a business environment that has many telephone numbers hence DID number services is preferred in an office setup.

Advantages of Makwaretech DID:
  • Virtually unlimited phone numbers groupable into “In-groups”.
  • Company can use same infrastructure and does not have to purchase bulk phone lines.
  • Customer can own a local phone number in any city or country worldwide. Displaying a local number to visitors at your web site increases trust and sales.
  • Incoming calls are forwarded anywhere worldwide at the cost of a local call using your existing device, android or iPhone etc.
  • Maintain call logs to keep track.
  • Full call recording.
  • Presentable numbers for conferencing call or for blind transfer.
  • Feature for informing estimated wait time to the caller.
  • Allows callers leave a voicemail or request callback while in queue.
  • Real-time call monitoring by manager.
  • Re-route repeat callers.
  • Integration of web based APIs to external services.
  • Ability to block display of caller ID to agent.
  • Custom Music-On-Hold and agent alert sound.
  • CRM integration capable of automatic transfer to CRM screen.